We meet every Sunday 10:00 am - 12:00 pm to hangout, eat, laugh, sing, pray, study the Bible, play games and have fun with our friends.  There are also other monthly activities, events and outings to allow us to grow closer as a youth group

When putting together our student youth group program, we focus on five main values: connection, growth, purity, fun and celebration! Here's our FIVE:

CONNECTION  We want each student that walks through our doors to feel known and valued. We want them to know that they have people that care about them and notice when they don’t come. To achieve this, we need and use adult volunteers and student leaders. Every week, before, after, and even during our “hangout time” there are opportunities to meet new people and help them know that they belong here. So while we work hard to make our youth group fun and entertaining, we make sure to provide a loving Christian community.

GROWTH  We have awesome speakers that give messages geared specifically for the lives of a student. Our youth group aims to help students learn how to study their Bible, to apply the Bible to their everyday life and to have a personal relationship with the Lord. We do fun topics teens love to talk about—and tackle the tough topics that people often avoid and show students what God has to say about them, too. We use The Gospel Project Curriculum (Genesis to Revelation). PURITY  Our objective is to live clean lives. 

PURITY is a collection of tiny decisions made every day, such as what to wear, what to read, and how to love & respect others.  These are actions born out of a daily walk with Jesus.  Purity goes right along with other spiritual disciplines such as prayer and Bible study.  These are practices that aren’t always easy to implement but result in profound peace and real growth in our faith. (1 Corinthians 6:19-20 ESV)

FUN  When a student walks into our youth group, we want them to enjoy themselves, to smile, to have a good time and to feel comfortable. We try to accomplish that through our snack bar, crazy games, and some awesome “hangout” time and monthly events. We want students to relax, be with friends, make memories and have a good time. So, while we start with fun and games, other values quickly rise to the top.  We like to create a safe and non-threatening environment where the youth are encouraged to invite their friends and family.

CELEBRATION  We use singing through worship to help students really understand God’s love for them and the power of the Bible in a way that’s different than someone simply speaking. If you come to one of our gatherings, you’ll see a vibrant and passionate community of students expressing their love for Jesus and dedication to Him through songs, praise, and prayer.

We hope that the space we create clearly communicates to students that no matter where they are on their walk with God, they feel welcomed and loved when they’re here!  


You Belong Here!